Do you want your hands to look beautiful again? Whether it is for yourself or for a party, beautiful hands is something that many women (and also men) can enjoy. At Palais des Cosmétiques we have different types of manicure treatments. A number of hand problems that we often encounter in the field of manicure are:

  • Dry hands and chaps;
  • Torn or cracked nails;
  • A bad condition of the cuticles.

Are you familiar with the problems mentioned above, then it is highly recommended to make an appointment for a manicure. Your hand problems will be solved quickly and painlessly.

See the table below to see which manicure treatment is perfect for you:

Mini-manicure Manicure V.I.P. Manicure
Cutting x x x
File x x x
Take care of cuticles x x
Paint nails* x x
Hand cream x x x
Hand packing x
Hand massage x

*you pay an extra surcharge of € 5.00 if you want to have the nails painted (except for V.I.P. it is included in the price). You can choose from several options for nail polishes:

  • You choose gel polish from O.P.I. or CND and make a selection from our range of colors.
  • Nails with your own nail polish, you take your own nail polish from home;
  • You purchase nail polish from O.P.I. at Palais des Cosmétiques;

Because we do not have tester colors, due to hygienic measures, we ask if you do not want gel polish but normal polish to bring your own nailpolish or to purchase an O.P.I. nail polish worth € 14.95 in the salon.

What is gel polish?

Gel polish cannot be ignored anymore and is available in many salons, including our institute! The advantages of gel polish are: the polish is immediately dried by a special UV lamp and the polish will keep its gloss longer than normal nail polish. Gel polish lasts for 2 weeks on average. The only disadvantage to gel polish is that it is not as easy to remove as normal nail polish. So if you want to get rid of the gel polish on your nails we recommend, to prevent damage to the nail, that you have it removed at Palais des Cosmétiques.

The costs

€ 15,95
Manicure € 23,50
Manicure with (gel)polish € 28,50
Gel polish removal € 5,00
Manicure V.I.P.
€ 33,00

Manicure treatment cannot be booked online, please contact us.

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