Would you like to have the perfect make-up look at any time of the day? Then permanent make-up offers the solution. With permanent make-up, an eyeliner, a line around the lips, or coloring of the eyebrows is (semi-)permanently applied. This makes your make-up perfect all day long; during exercise, swimming, when you get out of bed and in all weather conditions. The applied accents make the face speak and are subtly applied. Because you do not have to apply make-up anymore, you save yourself a lot of time every day.

The specialist for permanent make-up: Titania Perotti comes to the Rembrandtweg in Amstelveen about once every week! Palais des Cosmétiques only works with the best in this field. 


With an ultra-thin needle that goes up and down at lightning speed, a special skin-friendly pigmentation liquid is applied in the upper skin layer. Unlike with a tattoo, the pigmentation fades after 1 to 2 years through natural cell renewal, the immune system and the influence of UV light. The speed of reducing permanent makeup varies per person.

  • Eyebrows: With permanent make-up, thin and/ or irregular eyebrows can be completely corrected by a shadowing technique or the hairstroke technique, so that an even eyebrow is created. Have you tweezed your eyebrows to much in the past, and are you left with thin brows? With permanent make-up your face will be complete again.
  • Eyeliners: Eyelids and eyelashes make the eyes speak. With permanent make-up the appearance of the eyes can be changed and embellished. The eyeliner is placed between the eyelash hairs, thus creating a natural and full eye. In this way optically large or small eyes can also be brought into the correct ratio. XL-eyeliner would be an eyeliner with for example a 'wing'.
  • Lipliners: For the lips you can choose a striking lip liner in your desired color, but also for a less noticeable lip liner that restores a vague lip contour and gives it a nice shape.

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The costs

Eyebrows € 380,00
Subtle eyeliner between the lashes- above and below € 350,00
Subtle eyeliner between the lashes - above € 225,00
Subtle eyeliner between the lashes - below € 200,00
Eyeliner along the lashline with small wing - above and below € 399,00
Eyeliner along the lashline with small wing - above € 275,00
Eyeliner along the lashline with small wing -below € 255,00
Wide eyeliner with wing - above and below € 455,00
Wide eyeliner with wing - above € 360,00
Lip liner € 365,00
Lip liner (with shade) € 399,00
Complete coloring lips € 450,00
All first treatments include a FREE follow-up treatment that is scheduled after 4-8 weeks. If you update the PMU within 2 years, you will pay an adjusted price, if you come after 2 years for the update, we will charge the normal price.

Permanent Makeup Specialist: Titania Perotti

All my life I have been busy with all kinds of beauty to accentuate the natural beauty of people. Over the years I have become more and more immersed in the art of permanent make-up and PMU has become my passion.

It takes a lot to put permanent make-up on. An extensive knowledge of color theory, aesthetic insight, precision but also all details of the human skin are essential to put a beautiful PMU. In addition, I have also gained the necessary experience in practice and I tattoo daily.

Every day I enjoy working to make my customers more beautiful. I do this by giving each customer the care and attention they deserve and by working extremely accurately. We discuss your wishes and the treatment is only ready when you are satisfied!

I graduated in 2011 for permanent makeup and can regularly be found at all kinds of training courses to keep up to date with the latest techniques in the field of PMU and microblading. With this knowledge I have specialized in eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.

Of course, I fully comply with hygiene regulations, and I am in possession of all necessary permits from the GGD. To apply permanent makeup, on the one hand my craftsmanship is required, but on the other hand I use the best equipment and pigments that have been approved by the Inspection Service of Waren. I always put your interests first and try to work as hygienically as possible for your safety and the best result.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come by for a free intake and I will tell you everything about permanent make-up.

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