Lash Lifting

Lash Lifting is a revolutionary technique for beautiful, long, curly eyelashes. The Lash Lifting technique makes your own lashes appear longer without the use of eyelash extensions. This technique creates a beautiful curl in the eyelashes that can last up to 2 months!


With the help of the Eyelash Lifting Lotion we can ensure that the eyelashes get a real lift. This way the natural lashes look longer without eyelash extensions. The curl is created in the eyelashes by means of silicone molds. The eyelashes do not get the well-known kink that they normally get from an eyelash curler.

The treatment in short:

  • A comfortable treatment;
  • This unique formula ensures healthy and nourished lashes;
  • A minimum aftercare is required: swimming, showering, sweating, exercising and make-up can be done after 24 hours;
  • Suitable for long but also short eyelashes;
  • It is not harmful to your eyelashes;
  • Feels natural.

Before and after photos

The costs

Lash Lifting
€ 45,50
Including paining lashes: € 53,50

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