Permanent hair removal in Amstelveen

Permanent hair removal is an ideal technique for women who do not like waxing or epilating, who suffer from ingrown hairs, red sebum bumps, excessive hair or embarrassing hair growth on the upper lip, for example. For men, it is a welcome solution when they are dealing with excessive hair growth on the body, such as the upper back, upper arms or buttocks. Any body part is suitable for this technique.

Which technique is used?

At Palais des Cosmétiques we use the Intense Pulsed Light technique also called IPL. With the MedCos IPL and the MedCos IPL SHR you can be assured of high-quality treatment.

The treatment

The Medcos IPL & IPL SHR is a hair removal method that works by means of a pulse of light. The pulse generates heat in the hair follicles and destroys them, so that a hair can never grow back. Permanent hair removal on any part of the body is easy and virtually painless possible with the MedCos IPL & IPL SHR method. It is also fast, the average treatment time for permanent hair removal from armpits or bikini line is only five minutes!

Dark hair contains pigment (melanin) that has the property of absorbing light and converting it into heat. The pigment conducts this heat to the hair root and the hair follicle where it is destroyed and new hair can no longer grow.

Can everyone be treated?

Unwanted hair growth can be treated anywhere on the body. Ideally, the skin is light in color and the hair is dark. Blonde, red and gray hair contain hardly any pigment and are therefore often untreatable. People with dark skin (skin type VI) or people with tanned skin cannot be treated because of the high pigment content in the skin.

How many treatments are needed?

With a MedCos IPL SHR treatment, only the hairs that are in the growth phase are affected. However, most hairs are in the so-called resting phase. Only when these hairs enter the growth phase are they amenable to treatment. On average, 8 treatments are needed for a satisfactory end result, a hair reduction of 80% to 90%.

We recommend 1 to 2 maintenance treatments every year to keep the result optimal, because a few hairs will always return to the growth phase after a long rest period.

Is the treatment painful?

When the flash of light is delivered to the skin, you can feel a prickling/tap, similar to a rubber band hitting the skin, but it is doable for everyone.

Results depend on various personal factors and differ per person, which means that warranty is not possible. That is why you should always be well informed by the specialist about the different treatment methods and your expectations.

Advice before treatment

  • The desired area should be shaved 1 or 2 days in advance;
  • Scrub the skin well 1 day before;
  • Do not put anything on the skin on the day of treatment: no body lotion or deodorant.

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