Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal is an ideal technique for women who do not like to wax or epilate, who suffer from ingrown hairs, red sebaceous bumps, excessive hair or embarrassing hair growth on, for example, the upper lip. For men this is a welcome solution when they have to deal with excessive hair growth on the body, such as the upper back, the upper arms or the buttocks. Every body part is eligible for this technique.

Which technique is used?

At Palais des Cosmétiques we use the Deep Penetrating Light technique also called DPL. Deep Penetrating Light has a force of 1600 nanometers and unlike IPL (800 nanometers) it permanently stops the hair growth. The device is placed on the skin with a sapphire filter, which is especially suitable for your skin type. The flash conducts the light pulses to the hair follicles. During this flash, the papilla (the feeding canal of the follicle) is definitively closed.

How often and how long do I have to come?

Each hair has a rest (telogen), growth (anogenic) and sleep (catagen) phase. Only hairs in the growth phase can be destroyed. As a result, multiple treatments with a waiting time between the treatments are necessary. We recommend a waiting time of 6 weeks between each treatment. Some of the hairs may be in the growth phase during a subsequent treatment and can thus be destroyed.

Each treatment removes approximately 10% of the hair on average. This means that you need about 10 treatments to remove all your hair. Note that hairs that are still in the sleep phase can still appear later on.

Is the treatment painless?

By means of the integrated cooling of the device, this treatment is safe and mostly painless. However, we cannot fully guarantee that the treatment will be pain-free, because this depends entirely on your own pain level. After the treatment you can immediately resume your normal activities.

The result of the IPL versus the DPL treatment

Research has shown that in normal IPL devices between 8 to 12 treatments are needed to make 80% of hair growth disappear, for clients treated with our DPL equipment it appears that 95% of hair growth has permanently disappeared. After the treatment it seems as if the hairs continue to grow, this is because the flash destroys the follicles, but not the hairs themselves. The affected hairs that are now loose in the hair follicle will only fall out after 2 to 3 weeks, when they are pushed upwards through the epidermis. This is also the reason that the result is not immediately visible after the treatment.

Is permanent hair removal for all skin types?

With our advanced equipment, we can treat almost all skin types. You can test it yourself after the treatment, remove a hair with tweezers, and you will see that there is no white ball (follicle) left. This means that the treatment has been successful.

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