Makeup & Bridal makeup

Do you have a party tonight? A photo shoot? Or are you getting married? Then we can do your makeup at Palais des Cosmétiques by our makeup specialist. Our makeup team is always up-to-date with the latest trends and will ensure that you leave with a perfect makeup look. In consultation with you, we will determine what makeup look you would like, we will make a color choice based on your outfit and we will further discuss your wishes and needs.


Do you have a job interview today? Is a friend of yours getting married? Or do you just want to look beautiful? Like these, we can come up with hundreds of reasons why you would like to get your makeup done by a professional. At Palais des Cosmétiques you can get ready for any occasion.

Bridal make-up

The dream of every girl, the wish of every woman: to make an overwhelming impression on her own wedding. Besides a beautiful wedding dress, you also need matching bridal make-up. Our specialist can help you with the perfect bridal makeup for this beautiful day. This also applies to witnesses, mothers, sisters and/ or friends.

First of all, we will make an appointment for a trial makeup for the bride. With this appointment we will do the bride’s makeup and this day she can indicate what she likes and what may need to be different. With the trial makeup we write everything down so that we can apply your make-up look exactly the same on the wedding day!

When the big day has started, we will do your makeup as agreed on the day of the trial makeup. Do family and friends also want to have their makeup done on this day? Of course that is possible!

Complete the picture with, for example: manicure, pedicure, eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, semi-permanent mascara and/ or spray tan.

Make-up brand

All brands we have at Palais des Cosmétiques are of high quality. For the touch-up or the bridal makeup, our most exclusive makeup brand is used: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics. These products are of high quality and create a natural look. Youngblood Cosmetics is an American mineral makeup brand developed by Pauline Youngblood.

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