At Palais des Cosmétiques in Amstelveen we also give personalized Make-Up workshops to kids who are younger than 22 years old. These workshops are designed to teach you how to get the best makeup! We have an expert in make-up who can answer all your questions.

Make-up Workshop Amstelveen

Before we start the workshop, we will first discuss with you what you would like to learn in this workshop. Broadly speaking, we would like to discuss the following topics in any case:

The Basics:

You can think of the primers, foundations, etc. The specialist will first show you and then you will get to work yourself! The questions that will be answered in this workshop are:

  • What skin type do I have?
  • Which colors suit my skin best?
  • How do I start my makeup?
  • Which make-up suits my skin best?
    Which brushes should I use?
  • And more importantly: how do you apply it?

The Eyes:

For many, the next topic is the most difficult part of the face: the eyes. On this day we are going to talk about: eye shadow, eyeliners, eyebrows and much more. A number of questions that we will answer this day are:

  • Which color suits me best?
  • How many colors can you use?
  • What is the difference between a day make-up and an evening make-up?
  • How do we best apply this?
  • How do you create the perfect eyebrow?

Colors & Lips:

Then we will focus on the lips and the colors for the face. Think of the lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, but also the blush and the bronzer are discussed here. A number of questions that we will answer here:

  • Which color suits my skin best?
  • Why do we apply the blush / bronzer?
  • Where do you apply the blush / bronzer?
  • How do I choose the right lip liner / lipstick / lip gloss?
  • What are different ways of applying this?

Party Make-Up:

In the last part of the course we will start with the ‘party make-up’. In the above topics you have learned the basics and more, but party make-up is just a step further! We go through the trends of the party make-up and let you apply the party make-up yourself. When you have mastered the previous topics, this will not be a problem. Of course the make-up specialist will help you achieve the perfect party make-up.

The workshops are for a maximum of 2 people, this means that we can make the workshop very personal. For example, would you like to learn how to make a Smokey Eye? Or do you want to learn how to best apply your foundation? Then we will go into this extra during the workshop.

Our goal is to ensure that after this workshop you can provide yourself with a beautiful natural look with the right colors, but also with a great party make-up!

Nice to know

  • The workshop is 1-on-1 (max. 2 people);
  • We will go through 4 different topics;
  • The workshop lasts 3 hours, this can possibly be split into 2 days;
  • For the workshop we use the mineral make-up: Youngblood;
  • The entire workshop costs € 100.00!

Stack discounts

Maybe also nice to mention is that on the day of the workshop you can make use of stack discounts on our make-up products:

1 product = 5% discount on the entire total amount;
2-3 products = 10% discount on the entire total amount;
4 or more products = 15% discount on the entire total amount.

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