Our beauty institute in Amstelveen puts her focus on relaxation, and what is more relaxing than a wonderful massage. At Palais des Cosmétiques we offer various massages for you to choose from. Think of a body massage, neck/ shoulder massage, connective tissue massage and shiatsu massage. Below, we provide a small introduction of these massage techniques:

  • Body massage: Body massages are ideal for taking a moment for yourself and paying attention to your body. A body massage can be preventive, both physically and mentally, for maintaining good health. Your neck, shoulders, back and legs are central to the body massage. The massage relaxes your muscles, and makes tendons, joints and muscles smoother. Besides, it stimulates the drainage of the lymphatic fluid, which also makes body waste leave the body faster. You will find that with a relaxed body, you can relax in a spiritually easier way.
  • Neck/ shoulder massage: There is often a lot of tension in the shoulders and neck. Having a tense posture behind the computer screen or taking on too much burden on your shoulder are known causes. Tension in that muscle group is also a known cause of headaches. A regular shoulder and neck massage can relieve tension and prevent complaints. During the massage you become aware of the tension points present in the muscles. Your muscles relax through gentle stroke and kneading movements.
  • Connective tissue massage: This massage is performed in the deeper parts of the skin (the subcutaneous connective tissue) for clearly visible skin improvement. It not only works skin-improving but it is also a very pleasant and relaxing massage! The cosmetic connective tissue massage is mostly applied to the face, neck and décolleté. The first treatments can be somewhat sensitive due to the adhesions of the tissue. As the course progresses, the tissue becomes looser and smoother, the adhesions reduce and the massage is then experienced as beneficent. The facial massage is applied to a cleansed skin, the skin will feel warm and tingly.
  • Hot Stone Massage: Are you looking for a massage that provides relaxation? Then a Hot Stone Massage is the solution. This massage is very popular because it not only calms the body, but also the mind. During this treatment we use warm oils with natural stones that relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and promote overall well-being!
  • Shiatsu Massage: Shiatsu, acupressure or pressure point massage is primarily a manual therapy. With thumbs and fingers, palms, elbows and even knees, the specialist usually makes rotating movements. In this way the specialist wants to improve malfunctioning organs, stimulate our general health and also create an overall relaxation.

The above mensioned massage techniques can be added to your facial or you can choose as a separate treatment.

The costs

Body massage
60 minuten - € 61,50
Do you want to add this to your facial, you will pay € 20,00.
Neck, -shouldermassage
30 minuten - € 31,00
Do you want to add this to your facial, you will pay € 10,00.
Connective tissue massage
30 minuten - € 38,00
Do you want to add this to your facial, you will pay € 15,00.
Hot Stone Massage
30 minuten - € 45,00
Do you want to add this to your facial, you will pay € 15,00.
Shiatsu Massage
30 minuten - € 41,50
Do you want to add this to your facial, you will pay € 15,00.

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