Your feet require proper care. Not only to ensure that your feet do not bother you, but also so that you can take off your socks anywhere and anytime! At Palais des Cosmétiques we have a qualified pedicure specialist in the house that can solve all your problems, consider: 

  • External eye or corn;
  • Fungal nails;
  • Ingrown toenail;
  • Callus;
  • The gorge.

If you are familiar with the above problems, then it is highly recommended to make an appointment for a pedicure. You are then quickly and painlessly relieved of your foot problems. 

See in the table below which pedicure treatment is perfect for you: 

 Mini-pedicurePedicureCosmetic pedicureV. I. P. Pedicure
Cutting nailsxxxx
Filing nailsxxxx
Foot creamxxxx
Removing Calluses with hand file xxx
Treating cuticles x x
If necessary, cut into sole of foot x x
Removing Calluses with pedicure motor x x
Removing corns x x
Varnishing nails* xxx
Foot Scrub  xx
Foot mask  xx
Foot massage   x

*you pay an extra charge of € 6.00 if you want to have the nails painted (except at V. I. P. It is included in the price). You can choose from several options for nail varnishes: 

  • You choose gel polish from O. P. I. or CND and make a choice from our range of colors.
  • Paint your nails with your own varnish, you bring your own varnish from home, don't forget your slippers too!; 
  • You purchase a lacquer from O. P. I. at Palais des Cosmétiques;

Because we do not have a color tester, due to hygienic measures, if you do not want gel polish but normal varnish, we ask you to either bring your own varnish or purchase an O. P. I. nail polish worth € 14.95 in the salon.

What is gel polish? 

Gel polish is an indispensable part of mening salon and also not of our institute! The advantages of gel polish are: the Polish is immediately dry by a special UV lamp and the Polish keeps its shine longer than normal nail polish. Gel polish lasts an average of 4 weeks. The only drawback of gel polish is that it is not as easy to get off as with normal nail polish. So when you are tired of your color on the nails, we recommend, to avoid damage to the nail, that you have it removed at Palais des Cosmétiques.

Pedicure treatment can not be booked online, please contact us.