Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Look great again by having your eyebrows and eyelashes treated at Palais des Cosmétiques in Amstelveen!


At our institute in Amstelveen you can restore the eyebrows to the right shape. Our specialists epilate or wax the eyebrows in the desired shape, which also fits perfectly with your face. You can also choose to have the eyebrows dyed, so that they will stand out more.


Do you not want to wear your mascara every day? Then choose to have your eyelashes dyed. For naturally long lashes you can also opt for Lash Lifting. Or don’t you want to worry about your eyelashes at all, then Eyelash Extensions might be right for you.

Eyelash growth Serum: This serum ensures that your lashes become LONGER, FULLER and STRONGER on average in 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Directions: Use the eyelash growth serum every day for 4 to 6 weeks as an eyeliner. For example, apply this after you have removed your make-up in the evening.
  • The result: After 4 to 6 weeks your lashes are longer, fuller and firmer.
  • Aftercare: 2 to 3 times a week to maintain the result!
  • Price: € 54.95

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The costs

Tweezing - € 13,50
Painting - € 15,50
Paint Eyelashes & Eyebrows - € 26,00
Paint - € 16,00
Paint Eyelashes & Eyebrows - € 26,00
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