Beauty Supps

Beautiful Skin Starts From Within…

Beauty Supps is a supporting supplement line that focuses on health, skin and vitality through ingredient composition. Beauty Supps has been developed by a Dutch team. This team follows the scientific research that is done all over the world very closely and also conducts research of ingredients and their functioning within their organization.

Safe Supplements

A conscious choice has been made for production in the Netherlands, in which the control in the field of hygiene and purity of ingredients is optimal. In addition, the regulations in the Netherlands are among the strictest in Europe and by choosing for Beauty Sups you choose for a safe addition to your daily diet and skin care.

Why and when to take supplements?

A study in the U.S. t has shown that the nutritional value in our food has decreased significantly over a period of 50 years, especially in vegetables, fruits and meat. When we eat according to the RDA (recommended daily amount) set up by the Dutch Health Council, we get enough nutrients. In practice it appears that we do not always eat enough of the recommended nutrients, often because of the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Everyone knows the moments when the need arises to eat and live healthier and this can be a moment to opt for supplements.

Skin improvement through supplements

Much has been said and written about the impact of supplements on overall health. Specific beauty supplements that make the skin more beautiful from the inside, are less known. That is why we, at Palais des Cosmétiques, are happy that we can now also work on improving skin from the inside out.

Keep track of your personal food diary!

Are you curious about what you miss in your daily diet? Then keep a food diary! At Palais des Cosmétiques you can keep a online food diary that we will go through after two weeks. We will look at what you are missing in your diet and how we can improve this together. If you are interested in this, please send us an e-mail so that we can send you a link to your personal food diary!

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