Céll Fùsion C

Céll Fùsion C offers complete skin care solutions exclusively for dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas and other skincare professionals around the world. A skin that is treated with a laser or chemics should be treated with the greatest care to avoid negative side effects. Céll Fùsion C is a medical skincare brand that consists mainly of patented cell membrane construction, which accelerates skin repair.

CMS Dual Liposome Technology

Thanks to the latest technology, Céll Fùsion C forms a double lipid structure in exactly the same structure as the natural intercellular lipid. As a result, skin problems recover quickly and by restoring the damaged lipid barrier, the skin regains its original condition.

Cell Membrane Structure (CMS) has the ability to penetrate into the skin thanks to the double liposomal technique, without the artificial fragrances, pigments and lanoline. CMS ensures at all times that the activation and stabilization of ingredients is based on the physiological characteristics of the skin leading to a safe absorption through the skin.

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