Some countries are simply known as beauty countries and what France is for Europe, South Korea is for Asia. An example of a very popular brand in South Korea is: GENOSYS. Genosys offers the world’s best microneedling equipment, clinical skin care products and special treatment kits.

Genosys was born to find the fundamental solution for tackling skin aging. The main problem of cosmetics is that they usually stay on the skin surface because of the protective function of the skin barrier and the large molecular size of the ingredients.

But Genosys is breaking a new era in skin improvement through the introduction of its fundamental and powerful remedy to treat the skin both internally and externally using the Genosys roller and Genosys cosmeceuticals specifically developed for microneedling.

What is the biggest beauty secret of Genosys?

  • Genosys does not use ordinary microneedling, but the unique diskneedling treatment;
  • Innovative micro rollers: more results and safety;
  • Because of the diamond shape of the needles: less pain;
  • Due to complete treatment, shorter needles are needed: more results with less trauma;
  • Affordable treatments that are in balance with the result.
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