Jacques Fath

Palais des Cosmétiques has, in addition to skin care products and beauty supplements, recently also added perfume to its assortment. And not just perfume, but perfume from Jacques Fath Essentials!

Jacques Fath was born in 1912 in Paris, France. He was a French fashion designer who had a crucial influence on haute couture. He grew up in a creative family of fashion illustrators, writers and painters. Fath was very interested in fashion and creation, so in 1937 he moved further into the world of haute couture and started his own collection. In addition to fashion, the first perfume line by Jacques Fath was created in 1946.

Jacques Fath has created a total of 28 perfumes. At Palais des Cosmétiques in Amstelveen we have the following scents:

Green Water

Created in 1946 by perfumer Vincent Roubert. An aromatic citrus scent, inspired by the first version in 1946 with a contemporary signature.

Top: citrus.
Heart: spicy.
Tail: green, amber, musk.

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Vers le Sud

An invitation for a trip to the Mediterranean. Sunny sensations and rich ingredients are mixed in this fragrance and create a harmonious composition. A woody marine scent, a combination of rich ingredients.

Top: fresh, citrus sun-dried lavender.
Heart: water nuts, flower, fig leaf.
Tail: moss and wood tones.

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Bel Ambre

Intense fragrance with amber. Woody Amber, a luxurious fragrance.

Top: citrus with herb heart: white flowers.
Tail: amber, leather tones, musk.

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Curaçao Bay

An adventure to the deep blue. An oceanic, woody fragrance.

Top: green, citrus.
Heart: water nuts, frangipane.
Tail: musk, amber and wood tones

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50ml = € 95.00

220ml = € 190.00

Do you prefer to smell the scents first? Then come to our beauty salon at the Rembrandtweg in Amstelveen!

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