La Colline

The brand La Colline was born in the heart of the Swiss Riviera: a protective valley of the Rhône river in the Swiss Valais region. The birthplace of La Colline is Sion, a town nestled between two hills (‘collines’ in French).

Since then, La Colline Cellular Research Laboratories has been at the center of the Swiss Riviera biotech industry. La Colline makes an active contribution to the leading research in a world-famous Swiss specialty: cellular therapy.


The range of La Colline consists of 7 skincare lines that offer advanced solutions for the anti-aging needs of a clientele that includes both women and men.

As a pioneer in the use of collagen masks, an advanced technology for stimulating the cellular biological matrix, La Colline develops exceptional treatments for optimal anti-aging. The innovative formulas are based on high-quality biotech-active ingredients and botanical extracts that provide immediate and long-lasting visible results to make the skin more beautiful.

The anti-aging power of La Colline

Many years ago, along the banks of the Swiss Biotechnological Riviera, a group of scientists studied the three vital elements for life: oxygenation, hydration and protection. During their study, the scientists were determined to find a solution to improve cell oxygenation. They knew they needed to make advanced technology that would work deep into the skin, in the heart of every cell. Through great trials and efforts they reached their goal and the CMAge® Complex was born. The complex is designed to stimulate cell metabolism and contains important ingredients that promote cell oxygenation through hydration and protection. The exclusive CMAge® complex is the cornerstone of the La Colline brand and forms the core of each of the products.

The power of CMAge®

The technology is a combination of six of the best botanical active ingredients. These carefully purchased active ingredients undergo a bio fermentation process to ensure that only the highest quality ingredients are used for the products. The bio-fermentation process also helps to stabilize the ingredients, resulting in the most effective formulation.

With the accessibility of a global network of specialized researchers and scientists, and the CMAge® Complex as a driving force, La Colline continues to push boundaries in the world of beauty and cellular skin care.

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