WHAT is Electroporation?

Electroporation is a therapy that provides optimal product absorption in the skin. Electroporation is a popular method that allows the absorption of skin care products by using electrical pulses to split open skin cells. This is a very advanced therapy that we offer at Palais des Cosmétiques. It will relieve dry skin without disturbing the pH values ​​of the skin and you do not have to use a lot of moisturizers to achieve this!

WHY Electroporation?

No skin care product on earth can sink completely into the deep layers of the epidermis or the skin layer. With the help of electroporation, this is made possible because it creates a temporary pore that ensures that the skin care product seeps through to the deeper layers of the skin.

WHEN Electroporation?

Ever felt that your skin feels dry and not any amount of hydration helps? It is possible that the use of skin care products causes the skin to become lazy. The skin is so used to adding moisture that the skin has become dependent. Electroporation is suitable for the following skin problems:

  • Dry skin, Gray skin, Smoker’s skin, Fine lines and wrinkles, Acne scars, Cellulite, Stretch marks, Flaccid skin, Before and after plastic surgery, Breast reinforcement, Face and neck reinforcement, Anti-aging, Hyper-pigmentation;

At Palais des Cosmétiques we always check whether the skin is suitable for this particular specialization.

Frequency: at Palais des Cosmétiques we always recommend electroporation in a cure or as a supplement to your facial treatment. The amount of treatments you need can only be determined when the specialist has looked carefully at the skin and has detirmined your wishes and needs.

The result

Electroporation is an excellent skin therapy that has been proven to brighten and hydrate the skin, improving the entire skin tone. The result can already be seen after one treatment.


Results are dependent on various personal factors and differences per person so guarantees are not possible. Therefore, always inform the specialist about the different treatment methods and your expectations.

The costs

45 minutes € 85,50 for 1 zone every zone you add is € 39,50

Do you want to add it to your facial, you pay € 39,50.

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