IPL skin improvement

Unfortunately, skin aging is an inevitable part of aging and is caused by reduced production of collagen and elastin. These are two skin-specific substances that are responsible for vital, youthful and, above all, resilient skin.


IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light. Fighting skin aging is easy and painless with our IPL device. By exposing the skin to the so-called pulsating light, it will show healthier, fresher and younger. Especially in combination with, for example, an additional cream or treatment, the effect will be wonderful since the deeper layers of the skin are reached with IPL. IPL is therefore excellent for skin improvement.


IPL is perfect when you want to give the skin an extra boost. This can be in addition to your current facial treatment or as a separate treatment. IPL is always recommended in combination with the right products for the skin. 


With this revolutionary technique, various skin conditions can be treated, such as acne, couperose, skin aging, pigment spots and Spider navea.

  • Acne: Acne is one of the most common skin problems in our beauty institute. In addition to the' normal ' facial treatment, we can fight acne even better with IPL. The flashes of the IPL destroy the acne bacteria. Due to this, inflammation in the skin will disappear and the skin repair process will be triggered. Depending on the type of acne, 6-10 treatments are needed.
  • Couperose, rosacea, spider navea en roodheden: The IPL device is ideal for reducing redness on the skin. When the skin is cleared of its redness, the skin will look younger, healthier and, above all, calmer. The hot flashes of light from the IPL device cause the burst vessels to burn tightly so that they are no longer visible. The redness on the skin will disappear. Depending on the type of redness, 3-5 treatments are needed.
  • Pigmentation spots: The removal of pigment spots, sun damage, pregnancy spots and/or age spots is achievable by the IPL device. The flashes of light are put on the skin. Every flash breaks down the pigment that is too much or too little in the stain. The stain will gradually disappear, on average after about 3 treatments.
  • Aging: On average, skin that ages gets more spots and more redness. That'S why the IPL is so ideal when you want to focus on reducing aging skin. Each Flash will reduce blemishes and redness, but when you do this all over your face, it will also tighten the skin.

At Palais des Cosmétiques we always check whether the skin is suitable for this particular specialization.

Frequency: at Palais des Cosmétiques we always recommend IPL as a treatment or as a supplement to your facial treatment. The amount of treatments you need can only be determined when the specialist has taken a good look at the skin and has your wishes and needs clear.


The result of the treatment is often not immediately visible. It may even be that the skin first becomes a lot redder than it was, crusts can also form on the face. Nevertheless, tighter and more even skin will appear over time.


  • It is important that your skin before and after the treatment well protected against UV radiation;
  • It is possible that the skin will feel burning after the treatment;
  • Treatment feels like small punctures on the skin;
  • After treatment, do not go under the sunbed or full in the sun for at least 4 weeks;
  • Shower after treatment is allowed, Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing;
  • In case of any redness, you can cool the skin with an icepack;
  • We do not recommend the use of self-tanning creams or sprays. This can cause pigment spots;
  • Stay away from any crusts;
  • Mineral makeup is allowed;
  • Cosmetics and exfoliating products are only allowed again when the redness has receded from the skin;

Results depend on various personal factors and differences per person, so Guarantee is not possible. Therefore, always be well informed with the specialist about the different treatment methods and your expectations.