Mesotherapy is for men and women who want look better, tighter and younger. Without surgical intervention or injections!

WHAT is Meso-therapy?

Meso-therapy is a revolutionary method that is seen as the alternative to surgical procedures and injectables. During the treatment, the skin is filled from the inside, which significantly reduces wrinkles and lines. This is done by using very fine needles that superficially penetrate the skin. These needles are used to ‘slush’ nutrients into the skin. These nutrients contain a high dose of pure and effective ingredients that exist naturally in the skin.

‘Meso-therapy supplements the body’s own substances, which the skin itself produces less’

In addition to supplementing the body’s own substances, meso-therapy stimulates the metabolism and stimulates healthy a blood circulation.

WHY meso-therapy?

If you opt for a needleless meso-therapy cure, you opt for long-term results. Meso-therapy is ideal to repair the years of damage that your skin has suffered.

WHEN meso-therapy?

Meso-therapy is an ideal treatment if you do not want surgery or injections into the skin, but still want to achieve a beautiful result. Meso-therapy is the solution for the following skin problems:

Irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, skin damage from smoking, air pollution and sunlight, local fat accumulation, dry skin and rough skin.

At Palais des Cosmétiques we always check whether the skin is suitable for this particular specialization.

Frequency: at Palais des Cosmétiques we always recommend mesotherapy in a cure or as a supplement to your facial treatment. The amount of treatments needed can only be determined when the specialist has looked carefully at the skin and after determining your wishes and need.

The result

After only one treatment, the result is visible: the skin is better hydrated, feels softer and fine lines are less deep. There is also an improvement in the skin structure and the skin is visibly tighter. In short: an improvement in the total skin structure.

NEED TO KNOWS Meso-Therapy

The treatment is almost painless;

The skin may be red and warm after treatment;


Results are dependent on various personal factors and differences per person so guarantees are not possible. Therefore, always inform the specialist about the different treatment methods and your expectations.

The costs

60 minutes - € 89,50

Do you want to ass it to your facial, you pay € 25,50.

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