WHAT is Radio Frequency?

The RF allows a good transfer between electrical energy to thermal energy. This energy penetrates into the epidermis (upper skin layer) and penetrates the dermis (deeper in the skin). The temperature in the skin increases, the blood circulation and the subcutaneous tissue accelerates and the tissue tightens immediately. It also stimulates the production of collagen proteins in the longer term. Besides, it stimulates the production of skin-specific hyaluron and peptides.

WHY Radio Frequency?

A treatment with the radiofrequency device results in a firmer skin. Besides, radio frequency therapy appears to have a reducing effect on the volume of subcutaneous adipose tissue. This is caused by the improved blood flow and thus the discharge of waste and stimulation effect on the metabolism in the fat cell. The right heating point is important, because the maximum effect has to be achieved without causing damage to the skin.

WHEN Radio Frequency?

The treatment is applicable to almost the entire body such as the face, jaw line, neckline, arms, thighs, etc. and the treatment is suited for every skin type. The treatment is not painful and an anesthetic is not necessary, the treatment lasts thirty minutes on average. Radio Frequency is the solution for the following skin problems:

  • Cellulite, Wrinkles, Fine lines, Neck folds, Wrinkles around the eyes, Fat accumulation and Wrinkles around the lower jaw / neck / décolleté.

At Palais des Cosmétiques we always check whether the skin is suitable for this particular specialization.

Frequency: at Palais des Cosmétiques we always advise Radio Frequency in a cure or as a supplement to your facial treatment. The amount of treatments you need can only be determined when the specialist has carefully looked at the skin and has determined your wishes and needs.

The result

After each treatment there is a visible result: for a long-term result, however, several treatments are needed. The effect is, among other things, a tight skin, a reduction of wrinkles and the reduction of cellulite. More results are:

  • Improves the condition of the skin;
  • Softens the wrinkles on the skin;
  • Tightens the skin of the lower jaw and the neck;
  • Fades the décolleté lines;
  • Reduces the lines between the lip and the nose;
  • Reduces cellulite.

NEED TO KNOWS Radio Frequency

  • Every skin type can be treated;
  • After treatment there will be no scars, burned skin and / or swelling;
  • No anesthesia is required for this treatment;
  • You will see immediate results after each treatment;


Results are dependent on various personal factors and differences per person so guarantees are not possible. Therefore, always inform the specialist about the different treatment methods and your expectations.

The photo below was taken after one treatment:

PDC - INSTA (19)

The costs

Radio Frequency
60 minutes - € 95,50

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