T Away

Beautiful skin is smooth and healthy. So it is quite normal that you are bothered by red veins, warts, blood blisters and other annoying skin problems on your face or body. Fortunately, we can do something about that at Palais des Cosmétiques. With the T-away you say goodbye to couperose, pigment spots and other skin imperfections within minutes. Lightning fast with immediate visible results!

WHAT is T Away?

The T-away device uses a unique technology called USHF (Ultra Short High Frequency). The T-away is a kind of needle that is tapped on the skin condition. The T-away device shrinks the skin condition instantly. At this time, a crust appears on the skin, which after a few days falls off again. Because the T-away device only treats the area of the skin condition, the surrounding skin area is not affected.

WHY T Away?

T Away is ideal when you have a small spot on your face that you want to get rid of. The T Away is not for large areas but for the small irritations in the face. 

WHEN T Away?

The treatments with the T-away are tissue-friendly and suitable for removing:

  • Couperose (sprung red veins), Spider nevus (spider-shaped sprung veins), blood blisters, pigment spots, age spots, fibroids (stem warts) and/or age warts.

At Palais des Cosmétiques we always check whether the skin is suitable for this particular specialization.

Frequency: the amount of treatments you need can only be determined when the specialist has taken a good look at the skin and has your wishes and needs clear. After the treatment, we plan a free follow-up treatment, which takes place 6 weeks later. We then see if the skin is well healed.


The result is not immediately visible with this treatment, because we actually make a wound on the skin. At first, a crust will appear on the skin, only when this is completely healed will you be able to see the result.


  • You should avoid hot and wet places (such as saunas and swimming pools) for 72 hours after treatment;
  • You should avoid sunlight as much as possible for 6 weeks after treatment;
  • We advise the Céll Fùsion C Sunscreen 100+++, because you cannot stay indoors for 6 weeks;
  • You should avoid the use of any type of cosmetic product containing perfume or other irritating ingredients, for 72 hours after treatment;
  • Our advice is to put on makeup again only after 24 hours and then preferably mineral makeup; 

Results depend on various personal factors and differences per person, so Guarantee is not possible. Therefore, always be well informed with the specialist about the different treatment methods and your expectations.