Do you want to whiten your teeth in Amstelveen? Then you are at the right place at Palais des Cosmétiques! A beautiful and attractive appearance is becoming increasingly important both in business and privately. Beautiful teeth are an essential part of that. Consumption of food containing color pigment changes the color of your teeth. Are you looking for a certified salon that can whiten your teeth, even sensitive teeth? Then look no further! Make an appointment online: scroll down!

Professional teeth whitening without hydrogen peroxide including home care foam!

At Palais des Cosmétiques we work with the brand Profilach brand. ProfiLach is a cosmetic tooth whitener without hydrogen peroxide. It was developed in collaboration with dentists and laboratories and certified after numerous long-term tests.

The ProfiLach Gel contains an active bleach that is activated by an LED lamp. The bleach penetrates and dissolves the discoloration of the tooth surface, which does not affect the gums or enamel. This form of cosmetic teeth whitening is safe and without side effects.

  • On average 2-9 shades whiter;
  • No side effects;
  • Without pain;
  • Reliable.

The teeth whitening process in 6 steps

  1. In a short conversation you will receive the most important information and you will be informed about the course of the treatment.
  2. The current tooth color is determined using the color scale.
  3. You clean your teeth with the cleaning set (finger brush) for about one minute.
  4. The mouth spreader is placed. And the gel is applied directly to the teeth. Safety glasses are put on and then the timer of the LED lamp is set to 10 minutes. This is placed 2 to 3 cm in front of the mouth. Then 2 more 10 minute sessions follow in the same way.
  5. Now we compare the tooth color that was determined at the beginning with the current result and discuss the care tips with the practitioner.
  6. The maintenance product (the foam, read more below) is handed over together with useful tips for a durable white result.

Long-term results through home care foam

The consumption of colorant-containing foods influences the decline in the result after bleaching. You can slow down this process by using the foam that we have given you free of charge, which has been specially developed for this purpose. Use the foam in the evening after brushing your teeth. Apply a small amount of foam to the dry (electric) toothbrush and brush for 2 minutes. The foam ensures that the discolored discolouration of that day is cleared up, something that is not quickly removed only with brushing teeth. If you want more information about whitening your teeth, please contact us!

Before and after photos

The costs

Teeth whitening
Natural - € 79,00 incl. home care foam
White - € 99,00 incl. home care foam
Extra White - € 109,00 incl. home care foam
Touch Up (binnen 3 maanden) - € 39,00