FREE mini facial when you buy Skin Care Set!

free mini-facial


YES YES YES! The month March has started again and that means, as you know, that we have another promotion waiting for you. This promotion at Palais des Cosmétiques is a wonderful promotion for people who want to get to know the concept: ‘skin care & skin improvement’. For example, have you never done a facial treatment? Or do you not use any skin care products at home? Then this is your chance to get acquainted with both, for a (we can’t actually say it) but MEGA good price!

Free mini-facial with purchase of Skin Care Set!

free mini-facial

You will receive a free mini-facial, read below what this facial entails, when you purchase a super cheap Skin Care Set worth € 104.50. (To indicate how affordable this is, a La Colline Facial is normally just € 104.50, you don’t have any products for this yet).

Through this promotion we want everyone to get acquainted with skin care, because it doesn’t always have to be more expensive. We cannot emphasize the importance of skin care more than we already do. Unfortunately we just get older and not everyone has the best genes where the skin gets beautifully beautifully old (certainly not me). So therefore this promotion. Discover the facial treatments of Palais des Cosmétiques in combination with the products for your home and you will see what this will do with your skin! Don’t you believe us? TRY IT! Make an appointment online:Mini-Facial incl. Skin Care‘.

Mini Facial

The free mini-facial is a 30-minute treatment in which we apply the most important basis of a facial treatment (note: not all treatments will be exactly the same, the specialist will look at what your skin needs) think of:

  • Cleansing the skin;
  • Scrub or peeling;
  • Removal of impurities;
  • Mask;
  • Serum, Eye cream, Day cream.

Skin Care Set

We have put together a beautiful Skin Care Set that fits perfectly into the image of skin care and skin improvement. The Skin Care Set contains the following:

  • Anti Wrinkle Serum worth € 49.50 – this anti-wrinkle serum has a higher concentration of active ingredients than most anti-aging creams. This serum works deep into the skin and ensures that the skin starts producing collagen again for a beautiful wrinkle-free skin!
  • Hydro Soothing Cream worth € 40.00 – this cream helps to repair the skin and ensures that the skin retains more moisture with the aim of a radiant, calm skin.
  • Revitalizing Hydro Mist worth € 15.00 – as a final step the Revitalizing Hydro Mist is a spray that helps hydrate and calm the skin. The skin gains vitality through the supply of nutrients and moisture. (also shop this product on our webshop)

If the specialist thinks that one of the above products does not fit your skin, she will exchange it with a suitable product, the final costs will not rise.

YES! Do me a mini-facial incl. Skin Care Set

If you are convinced, you can make an appointment online for a mini-facial incl. Skin Care Set. When making an appointment, look for: “Mini-Facial incl. Skin Care”. Make an appointment directly online! If you have any questions and / or comments, do not hesitate to contact us! We are happy to answer your questions!