Céll Fùsion C Treatments

Céll Fùsion C treatments are “no-nonsense” treatments aimed at problem solving. All treatment programs are tailor-made, considering your objectives and wishes. After a comprehensive intake, a treatment plan will be drawn up with detailed advice to achieve your goals concerning skin problems. These recommendations include the use of products at home, lifestyle advice and advice about the treatment.

‘Recommended by dermatologists’

Céll Fùsion C is a medical brand and is used when facing skin problems. The brand is free of harmful emulsifiers, preservatives, color and fragrances. We can work at our institute on skin improvement, anti-aging or skin problems. This treatment is chosen when you are allergic to most brands and / or have a skin problem.

Before & after

Basic - 60 minutes
Restores a damaged skin. Goal oriented treatment with skin problems. Be advised by your specialist.

60 minutes - € 63,50
The Luxurious - 75 minutes
Add an intesive mask to your facial which will restore the skin, improves your appearance and reduces wrinkles.

75 minutes - € 75,00
Tox Peel - 75 minutes
The ideal treatment for improving any skin condition. Oily skin, early skin aging, wide pores or poor blood circulation, hyper pigmentation and (acne) scars. The effect of this peeling gives your skin a younger and more radiant appearance after just one treatment. The skin is stimulated to renew itself. The Tox Peel program has a Botox-like and Hydro Lifting effect for a younger looking skin!

75 minutes - € 86,50

When making an online appointment, search for 'Gezichtsbehandelingen - Céll Fùsion C' (in Dutch).