La Colline Treatments

The first facial treatment that we recommend at our institute in Amstelveen is from the brand La Colline. La Colline is an exclusive Swiss brand, prioritizing anti-aging. All La Colline products focus on anti-aging, starting with the cleanser!

'La Colline stops the clock of the skin.'

Besides the focus on anti-aging, relaxation is something very important in a facial treatment of La Colline. A La Colline treatment should ensure that you walk out the door, completely revived and you should temporarily forget the stress in your life. We are convinced that stress is a major factor in the aging of the skin. La Colline treatments are effective and specific treatments that consider the needs of the skin.

‘For an exeptional moment of pleasure and effectiveness.’

The photo below was taken after one treatment:

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La colline amstelveen

La Colline Facials:

Skin-Ology Excellence Treatment - 90 minutes
You immediately experience an intense relaxation through a wonderful "welcome" back massage. The facial ritual starts with a Double Cleansing with an enzymatic peel. The skin will immediately feel soft. The skin is tighter, fine lines reduce, the moisture content is improved and the shine is spectacular. The skin is well prepared for the anti-aging collagen fleece mask. This mask immediately gives a visible result through its good moisturizing, regenerating and revitalizing effect. During the collagen fleece mask you will experience a wonderful pressure point massage, scalp massage and hand massage. After the fleece mask you undergo a neck, décolleté and face massage to conclude the treatment.

90 minutes - € 155,00
Delicate Hydration Treatment - 60 minutes
This treatment is characterized as an "Instant Mini Facelift". A lifting and skin rejuvenating treatment that gives an energy boost to the skin. A true "oxygen repairer". As a result, the skin will immediately appear softer, tighter and more radiant. A treatment to slow down the skin aging process and help the skin fight against skin aging. Immediately has a soothing effect and gives the skin a shiny boost. Signs of tiredness disappear, the vitality and appearance of dull skin is improved and the skin is again fresh and soft.

60 minutes - € 104,50
Instant Perfection Treatment - 35 minutes
This quick treatment is ideal for the always "busy" client. A moment of rest in the always hectic life. The skin is brought into optimum condition in record time.

35 minutes - € 67,50

When making an online appointment, search for 'Gezichtsbehandelingen - La Colline' (in Dutch).