VitaliDerma a professional ORGANIC skin diet, based on medicinal plants all over the world!

VITALIDERMA is a 12-week program. This 'diet' for the skin ensures an increased metabolism. The result: a complete reset and a long-lasting detox of the skin completely with products obtained from nature.

What does this program look like then?

  • An Algae Herbal Peeling: depending on the desired result, choose 3 or 5 treatments of 45 minutes at a time. This peeling promotes the cell division of the skin so that a 'new skin' appears on the skin's surface more quickly. This process, which normally takes a month, is shortened to about ten days.

This treatment is perfect for: acne, pigmentation spots, scars, large pores, wrinkles and sagging skin.

  • Detox Swiss Cure: To optimize the process, the client uses the Detox Swiss Cure at home. This detox drink is based on no less than 20 different plants and herbs. These remove the waste products released during the treatment, purify the body and give an energy boost from within. Bonus is that this product also wicks away moisture and stimulates fat burning. Also great for tightening the body.
  • Home Skin Diet: A tailor-made Home Skin Diet with products that continue to stimulate the oxygen supply so that the maximum result is achieved. The program is adapted to skin objectives such as improving acne, rosacea, pigment but also anti-aging etc.
Natuurlijke peeling in Amstelveen
Peeling Amstelveen

There are two VitaliDerma Peeling programs you can choose from. Do you not know what the skin needs? Then I would like to discuss this with you and give you advice:

TOTAL = 3 treatments + 8 products:

  • For 3 months, 1 peel per month;
  • Detox Drink 15ml per day for 14 days;
  • Skin Diet Home Products adapted to your goal for 12 weeks.

starts from € 650.00
because we tailor the products to the wishes of your skin, the price may be higher.

INTENS = 5 treatments + 8 products:

  • One peel per week for 3 weeks;
  • Then for 2 months, 1 peeling per month;
  • Super Detox for 7 days, 15ml 3 times a day. Detox Swiss Cure;
  • Then Detox Drink 14 days 15ml. per day;
  • Skin Diet Home Products adapted to the objectives of skin for 12 weeks

starts from € 825.00
because we tailor the products to the wishes of your skin, the price may be higher.

Add this treatment to your skincare routine once or twice a year!

Are you coming to Palais des Cosmétiques for a different facial treatment, for example from La Colline or Murad? That doesn't matter at all! This peeling is a 12-week SKIN PROGRAM that you can best follow once or twice a year. The rest of the year, we simply treat you with a trusted brand.