Introductory treatment

Is it your very first time at Palais des Cosmétiques? And do want to come for a facial? Then we kindly ask you to book an introductory treatment.

Skin improvement is only possible if there is sufficient information about the skin. That is why we work with an introductory treatment. In 90 minutes we collect as much information about your skin as possible. We start with:

  1. A short intake with the owner of Palais des Cosmétiques;
  2. A skin analysis;
  3. In consultation we determine which facial treatment suits you perfectly;
  4. Then we start the treatment, your skin is thoroughly cleaned to optimize the absorption of active ingredients;
  5. A basic facial treatment at Palais des Cosmétiques consists of: cleansing, peeling, removal of impurities, serum, eye cream and day or night care;
  6. Following this, a relaxing skin massage and a nourishing mask provide the basis for the desired skin condition;
  7. Finally, you will receive a complete skin advice, based on our findings and of course on your wishes.

Short intake

At Palais des Cosmétiques you will always be welcomed by Myrna Jensch the owner of Palais for the introductory treatment. She has more than 20 years of experience and is an expert when it comes to skin improvement. Myrna is also an orthomolecular skin specialist and can give nutrition tips as well as tips for the skin.

Skin analysis

If desired and/ or needed by the beautician, we do a skin analysis with our Bluelight. This way we can better determine the condition of your skin, even better, you can see it for yourself.


Of course we can talk for hours about the skin, but in the end you come for a facial treatment. After the intake and the skin analysis we enter the salon so we can start with the treatment. We choose this treatment keeping in mind your skin problem and also in keeping in mind your wishes. Here we make a choice between our different brands.


Not to mention that the treatments that we give at our institute in Amstelveen, in addition to improving skin, also relax! It is lovely to be away from the hustle and stress of home and/ or work. If you do not walk outside feeling completely ‘ZEN’, we have not done our job well enough.

Skin advice

After the treatment you will receive a full advice from us. We will give you tips for home care but will also give a product recommendation. We always choose products that suit your skin and of course your wishes. Sometimes a skin advice can overwhelm, but do not panic, we give an ADVICE. It is your own choice what you will do with it.

Next appointment

After the advice we would like to make a next appointment with you. The best thing for the skin is to come back every four to five weeks. The follow-up treatments fit in nicely with the advice we have just given. We save your intake and document all of your wishes in our computer.

The costs

Introductory treatment
15% introductory discount on every (first) facial!

When making an online appointment, search for 'Kennismakingsbehandeling' (in Dutch).