Our institute in Amstelveen specializes in skin improvement. More and more often we hear that customers do not want a full facial but want a skin analysis and advice and therefore it has been possible since 2019 at Palais des Cosmétiques to come only for a skin analysis including advice.

The reason for the 'skin analysis only' may be that you do not have time, that you do not like facials or something else, but you do want skin advice from a professional. This works as follows:

Skin analysis

First, the owner of Palais des Cosmétiques, Myrna, will look closely at the skin and ask you various questions about the skin and also about your health and nutrition. If necessary, the skin analysis device can also be taken, so the specialist can view the skin even better.

After the skin has been analyzed, Palais des Cosmétiques provides complete product advice, fully adapted to your wishes and needs.

The skin analysis and product advice are entirely free!

Product advice

The product advice we give at Palais des Cosmétiques is always based on the knowledge of the specialist, she can tell you what your skin needs and will take your wishes and needs into account. In addition to product advice for the skin, the specialist can also advise on your diet, makeup and the use of supplements.

If you are interested in 'only a skin analysis' you can make an appointment online. Palais des Cosmétiques will then take ample time for you, on average 45 minutes.

Do want a facial after your skin analysis? Read more about the introductory treatment here!

Good to know:

  • Only skin analysis is entirely without obligation;
  • If you want a facial treatment, you will receive a 15% discount for the first time;

The costs

Only skin analysis

When making an online appointment, search for 'Alleen huidanalyse' (in Dutch).

No time to come by?

Busy busy busy, or simply no possibility to come to our institute. No problem! Complete the form below and we will give you personalized skin advice as soon as possible! Soon coming in English!

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