Specially for men

Facials are no longer just for women! Men also deserve a beautiful skin. Men today take good care of themselves and are not afraid to admit this! That is why we made a facial treatment specially for men.

The skin of a man cannot be compared to the skin of a woman. A male skin is generally thicker with a higher level of cell activity than that of a woman. Men’s skin therefore needs other care.

Men of today …

The treatment specially for men

At Palais des Cosmétiques in Amstelveen we have developed a treatment especially for men’s skin. Specifically developed, yes, because the skin of the man is different in terms of structure, sensitivity and sebum production. And unfortunately this skin, due to daily shaving, stress and other factors, can feel dry and irritated.

Product advice

With our extensive product range we can give advice specifically for men’s skin. These products take into account the fact that men have to shave every day and therefore need other products than women.

The costs

Specially for men
60 minutes from € 67,50

When making an online appointment, search for 'Gezichtsbehandelingen voor de man' (in Dutch).